Thu, Apr 6

Solidarity: Black and Brown Unity


SOLIDARITY:  A Panel on Black and Brown Unity; On April 6th, educators, influencers and the community will discuss the challenges and opportunities in building Black and Brown political unity and its importance in an intersectional movement for justice and freedom

Thu, Apr 13

Civil Unrest: Then and Now


Civil Unrest: Then and Now; On April 13th, elected officials and community members will reflect on the conditions that led to the LA Uprising, the movement that grew from the ashes, and the importance of organized people power to resist current political conditions. 

Thu, Apr 20

Women in the Movement


Women in the Movement: On April 20th, the women who have served as mothers, sisters and activists in their communities will discuss the role of women of color in the social justice movement. As caretakers of the community in times of state and community violence, the panel will also explore how women in poverty are the bedrock that sustain the community through the day-to-day while pushing the movement forward.

Thu, Apr 27

Beauty of South LA


Beauty of South Los Angeles:  Challenging the Perception, Resisting Gentrification; On April 27th, members of LA City Council, the news media and others will discuss the beauty and the rapidly changing face of the South LA and the important role the community plays in the future of Los Angeles.