Sign the Petition: Don't Let Governor Brown Gut Prop. 47!


In November of 2014 voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 47, resulting in a huge victory to shift resources away from incarceration into rehabilitation and treatment services. Now Governor Brown is putting our victory in jeopardy by gutting funding for Prop. 47!

Sign our petition to demand that Governor Brown fully funds Proposition 47 by adopting the the original Legislative Analyst Office figure of 150 million dollars for prevention and treatment services.  

In the past year, Proposition 47 has reduced the prison population by 27% and thousands of people have changed their records and lives. Voters intended for the fiscal savings from this new approach to go to treatment and prevention programs. 
Send a strong message today to demand that Governor Brown respect the will of the people and invest in treatment and prevention services. 

Prop. 47 is key to solving California’s prison crisis and to make smarter investments in our communities. The Legislative Analyst Office (LAO), a well respected fiscal policy agency, projected the savings from the implementation of Prop 47 to be $150 million in the last fiscal year. However, Governor Brown has only allocated $29.3 million in his budget proposal. This is unacceptable! 

We must come together to ensure that Governor Brown restore funding for Prop. 47 services in his May revise. Now it's the time to put pressure on Governor Brown to honor the will of voters. 

Sign the petition: Restore funding for Prop. 47. 

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